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Anonymous asked: Imagine Bucky the first time he meets Darcy and hears her humor


Imagine Bucky meeting Jane and Darcy for the first time.

jane is a whirlwind. bucky hasn’t actually been introduced, but he knows who she is; however, he doesn’t even know she’s in the tower until she staggers into the kitchen at three in the morning looking for something to eat. she’s loud enough that she doesn’t startle him, per se, but he doesn’t have time to consider relocating before the kitchen is very occupied by a very frazzled scientist.

she is, however, startled to see him.

"oh," she says, somewhat breathlessly. "i’m sorry, i didn’t think there would be anyone here this time of night." she’s already rummaging through the fridge when a second, less frazzled-looking woman steps into the room, saving bucky from answering. she leans up against the doorway, arms crossed, and surveys the room, taking in both jane and bucky, then rolls her eyes.

"darcy, why are we out of poptarts?" jane asks without even turning around. "i’m craving."

"because," says darcy patiently, "you stashed your box in the lab so clint wouldn’t eat them all, remember?"

jane groans. “right,” she says. “dammit.”

darcy turns to bucky. “i’m darcy,” she says somewhat bluntly. “and that’s jane.”

"bucky," he says faintly, and darcy grins at him lazily. 

"what’re you doing up at three in the morning?" she asks.

"uh." bucky shakes his head wordlessly, and shrugs.

darcy shrugs too. “kind of a silly question, i guess,” she says. “seems like the entire freakin tower is insomniacs. except me! some of us like to sleep!” she shouts at jane’s retreating back as she presumably goes back to the lab in search of her pop tarts.

darcy shrugs again. “sorry about her,” she says. “it’s been, i dunno, like thirty six hours since she slept last and i promise she’ll be much friendlier once she’s, you know, slept.”

"i figured," agrees bucky. "like you said, kind of a trend among the people who live here." he smiles tightly, and darcy tilts her head and gives him a look.

"how long’s it been since you slept?" she asks suspiciously. "don’t make me add you to my list of people to nag. i just do not get paid enough for this," she mutters the last bit mostly to herself.

"do you get paid at all? wait, what is it you do, exactly?"

"nope," says darcy brightly. "i do wild shit for college credit. i’m jane’s intern, technically, but i am a certified scientist babysitter and believe me, all of them need it.”

"i believe you," says bucky, chuckling a little.

"anyways, i’m gonna go try and convince her that cosmology will still be there in the morning." she fixes him with a look. "pretty much everything is still there in the morning, you know." she pauses, then hastily amends, "except me. i’ll be sleeping."

bucky chuckles and she’s gone, cheekily wiggling her fingers at him over her shoulder as she goes, leaving him to contemplate his empty mug of hot cocoa before shrugging and heading back to bed.

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Deleted lines from The Avengers script #481

I don't think we should be focusing on Loki. That guy's brain is a bag full of cats. You can smell crazy on him.
Have a care how you speak! Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard and he is my brother!
He killed eighty people in two days.
Yeah, really.
That's all?
*(guffaws)* My puny Jotun ant brother!

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Avengers Deleted Scene

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